Installation and Setup

Our own technicians execute the professional installation and setup of your purchased units at your premisses and ensure that everything is up and running in no time. This also includes the installation and configuration of any software which you purchased from us. All of our installations are concluded by extensive professional system checks to your entire satisfaction.


If required, we will train your entire staff on the new system completely for free.


You want to incorporate our units in a kiosk and need a customised design? You want to use our units to archieve certain things but you do not know how this can be accomplished? You want to run custom interactive applications specific to your business needs but you do not know how to develop them? Ask us, we can assist you.

Service Contracts

You want complete peace of mind that your units will always be up and running smoothly no matter what and you do not want to concern yourself with that? You want to ensure that somebody will immediately attend to and solve your problem even if it was caused by your own staff’s misuse of the system? In this case, a service contract is exactly what you want to sign up for.

Extended Warranty Period

Although the tools continue to evolve — such as software that tracks back-end data to tell a more complete story about student learning — the philosophy is still strongly rooted in constructivism.